• With the rapid development of China’s economy in recent years, the cosmetics industry...


    The Derjin Group is one of the world's most extended manufacturers of precision packaging components for the cosmetic and personal care spaces. Our leadership in the space is unquestioned, and the clear result of years of providing clients with excellent products at competitive prices, adhering to our core values of innovation, integrity and quality. Every project we take on becomes our top production priority, no matter which subsidiary is handling the job.

    Our way of working is a simple one. We seek to infuse everything that we do with professional and pe...


    Mr. Chun Te Wang founded Derkwei in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan in 1967. Starting with one injection machine, h...


    Our clients are the reason we adhere so closely to our professional code of conduct. Knowing we're l...


    All of the products manufactured by us are of a quality that's appropriate to the project budget. We...



    Regardless of what sort of packaging is required, our group can provide an excellent solution to your project. Whether it's one simple item, or the launch of a full cosmetic or personal care line, from design all the way through to delivery, covering multiple types (pumps and bottles, jars, colour cosmetic components, and more), we have the ability to get you precisely what you need.



    Our stock solutions are available with very little lead time or fuss!



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    From a large warehouse ready to ship stock anywhere on the planet to a full design and development team that can take a concept, run with it, and produce innovative solutions very quickly, we offer exactly what contemporary firms need: speed, high quality, and appropriate pricing.

    oncert, offering shipping anywhere on the planet in record time, our group prides itself on the ability to complete successfully any project brought to us.