• Processes

    1. CAD design

    We work with our clients to ascertain their exact packaging needs then gather their ideas together with our own and have our design team create models.

    2.Mold development

    Once an agreement has been reached with regard to the design of the packaging, a master mold is produced and tested extensively.

    3. Injection molding

    Production is normally done using injection molding which is run through various QC points throughout the manufacturing process.

    4. Coating

    Secondary barrier protection may be added as a coating, as well as colouring or metallizing should the design call for any sort of full-body decoration option.


    We offer a number of popular decoration options, including hot-stamping and printing. So, rather than focus on full body decoration, these options focus on decorative elements.

    6. Assembly

    Often, cosmetic packaging items (particularly those that open and close or have multiple parts) need to be assembled prior to being filled and shipped.

    7. Product inspection

    Finished products are checked by highly trained QC staff. Rejects are removed and reintroduced as raw materials if possible, while approved items are boxed and sent on.

    8. Storage and delivery

    Boxed and palletized packaging items are stored awaiting delivery to their destination. The Derjin group ships internationally and can handle orders of all sorts, from minuscule to massive.