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    Our cosmetic and personal care location, ourflagship factory produces bottles, jars, compacts, containers, and
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    Derjin, as a manufacturing brand, brings the group two significant assets. First and foremost, some of the world's most innovative cosmetic and personal care containers, including bottles, jars, and more, in various types of plastic as well as metals. Second, Derjin acts as the group's gateway, ambassador, and representative to the planet.

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    Derjin Manufacturing


    Derjin began as a cosmetic container supplier (working in both plastics and metals). Originally a supplier to the Chinese market, the company has branched out internationally by offering cost-effective options for companies requiring high quality cosmetic packaging solutions.

    To meet current market demands, Derjin has put its R&D efforts into high gear, actively pursuing product innovation with a number of patents pending. Constantly coming out with new concepts, Derjin leverages its own increasingly sophisticated capabilities to provide customers with high quality products and services.

    Key strengths:

    • A massive selection of stock cosmetic packaging items
    • Items produced in plastic, metal, or both
    • Product ranges including dispensers, closures, containers, dispensers, and full sets

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