The Derjin Group runs a decentralized operation where each manufacturing location is responsible for their proper share of the business. Each firm is autonomous, run as a profitable business unto itself, treating sister firms as strategic partners that may be called upon for the successful development of a project. As such, each company in the group must do its part to ensure the success of the collective.

    All of the subsidiary companies must answer to head office with regard to strategic planning to keep group direction and interests top of mind.

    Our group is currently comprised of the following manufacturers:

    derjing-landing.jpgOur cosmetic and personal care location, manufacturing bottles, jars, compacts, containers, and pumps.

    sdk-landing.jpgThe creator of all our molds, including bespoke models and standard items.

    xdc-landing.jpgOur cutting edge design location, specializing in innovative cosmetic packaging concepts.