• History

    Mr. Chun Te Wang founded Derkwei in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan in 1967. Starting with one injection machine, his passion, hard work, and loyalty to his commitments, Mr Wang has been contributing all his best to the cosmetic packaging industry since the late 20th Century. Now, the second generation of the family, under the leadership of Mr. Joe Wang, follows the founder's solid path, establishing Derjin Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China. Under the same policy and spirit of “Innovation, Integrity, Quality and Service”, Joe humbly wishes to continue to serve customers to create a mutual "win" situation.

    Our primary business focus is the provision of cosmetic packaging solutions to our customers, in the areas of skin care and colour cosmetics, from design/development to product manufacturing, such as pumps and bottles, jars, compacts, mascara containers, lip-gloss, and lipsticks. The combination of positive leadership, experienced professionals working as a team, a creative work environment, and an open-minded corporate culture, have allowed us to develop new patented products successfully, including pump engines and lipstick mechanisms.

    Positioned as a "total solution-oriented innovator" in the cosmetic industry, in addition to the packaging business, our founder also invested in a mould company, Shanghai Derkwei Kubota Mould Co., Ltd. (SDK). SDK is well known to have expertise in manufacturing moulds with precise, deep cavities for injection moulds (hot and cold runner systems), blow moulds, injection blow moulds, and vacuum-forming moulds.

    Through constant innovation, proactive and thorough quality management, and the expansion of corporate competencies and capacities, SDK is able to collaborate with renowned, international cosmetic enterprises.

    Taking advantage of efficiently integrated multi-functions, including product design, moulding, manufacturing, and packing, reliable and consistent quality, and a full range of services, we are always there for your success.

    Der-Kwei Hsin Chu Plant, Taiwan Established
    Shenzhen Der-Kwei Established
    Shanghai Der-Kwei Established
    Shanghai Boujoir Cosmetics Founded
    Shanghai Derkwei Kubota Founded
    Tianjin Der-Kwei Established
    Boujuior (Shanghai) Cosmetics Became an OEM/ODM Manufacturer
    Derxin Cosmetics Established
    Derjin Plastic Packaging Established