• Certifications

    All of the products manufactured by us are of a quality that's appropriate to the project budget. We have standards, however, meaning our most inexpensive products still offer a higher level of quality than those of most of our competitors. We don't believe in hyperbole, and we refuse to claim that every single run we do is "of the highest possible quality on the market", because we make a number of products that are meant for daily use by active consumers, not to be put on display in a museum. Of course, our level of quality can go as high as required by our clients, which is why we back up our claims with first rate certification.

    ISO90012008 certification - Chinese.jpg (Preview)Audited and granted certification by SGS in the UK, our company is completely ISO 9001:2008certified, meaning we:

    With SGS, we are committed to focusing on a coherent corporate culture, broken down into eight key areas that serve as the linchpin of our processes: