• Airless


    Airless technology is a relative newcomer to the packaging space. The number of advantages that airless packaging offers is ample, and the technology has helped many new brands launch their formulations.

    The Derjin Group has been in the airless space for some time, and has developed solutions that are genuinely useful and sought by both established and new firms looking for the finest solution possible for their products.

    Airless packaging is sold as a combo in order to ensure that once the dispenser has been mounted, no or very little air can enter the container to contaminate and/or degrade the product, all the way from filling through to the last use by the consumer. This is the primary advantage of the airless concept - it provides a receptacle for a product that might be more sensitive to changes brought on by contact with air. There are numerous products made with natural components that lose their properties when oxidized, and the current trend is to steer clear of adding preservatives as much as possible. Airless packaging provides a medium where products can enjoy extended shelf-lives thanks to the lack of degenerating influence of air in the mix.

    Airless products do not include the typical dip tube found in standard pumps or sprays, they normally feature a diaphragm that rises to evacuate the product. As the diaphragm moves up the inside of the bottle, pulled up by the vacuum pressure, close to 100% of the product is evacuated. iStock_000009193810Medium.pngOther airless containers use a bag filled with product inside a hard container, but the concept of having the container evacuate nearly all the product is the same. This high percentage usage is a great selling point for packaging, as it generates less waste and is perceived to be "greener".

    This type of packaging also provides precise repeatable dosing. When the expulsion aperture is set, along with a specific vacuum pressure, the dosage provided by a stroke of whatever actuator is being used will provide an exact quantity that proves to be invariable throughout the usage of the product. By changing the aperture size, very specific dosages can be achieved, from a few microlitres up to several millilitres.

    Along with freshness, hygiene is a key value proposition for airless packaging. Once the product has been expelled, none of it can make its way back into the product reservoir. There is no pump spring to rust and taint the product. Physics takes care of ensuring that every dose of product expelled by an airless container is fresh and uncontaminated.

    More intangible is the consumer perception factor linked to airless products. When compared with standard pumps, sprays, tubes, and other packaging components, the marvelous flow, controlled dosage, and high-end look of airless packaging makes it a sure bet for the luxury and masstige markets.